Day 379.

TGIF! It was a long week, but I made it!

I’m so sleep deprived today. Target let me down. 😭💔 I placed an order for the Sanrio x ACNH Amiibo cards only for it to be canceled. It was a hot mess. I hope there’s a restock, but at this point it’s up in the air.

  • After that fiasco, I was able to nap before work. I’m feeling quite fatigued now, so I’m hoping to sleep early. Currently watching 101 Dalmatians with the sisters. ❤️
  • My aunt and I met a really cute dog named Fiona at a stoplight. She’s 9! So adorable. She’s my photo of the day.
  • Animal Crossing update: Usual business on Mango. I’ve got a vacant plot so I might look for a new villager before bed tonight. The zen bridge is slowly being paid off.
  • I’ve been thinking of extended family all week. 💕
  • My precious bag was delivered today! I can’t wait to unbox it later.
  • I plan to study most of the weekend. 📒
  • 2nd vaccine is on Sunday. Anxious, but looking forward to it.
  • I got to catch up with my good friend, Chris via text. I hope he can secure a vaccine appointment!!
  • I just want to be productive this weekend. That’s my goal.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care and enjoy the weekend!

Good night.


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