Day 330.

Happy Friday! I’ve been in quarantine since last night. I’m trying to figure out my testing situation to hopefully return to work. Covid testing gives me anxiety! 😩 I’ve got three items on my to do list for tomorrow.

  • I’ve been busy watching Cobra Kai. I’m digging season 2!
  • I’ve kept in touch with family, friends, and colleagues throughout the day. It’s been a bit isolating.
  • Ordered Japanese food. I was disappointed that the entire order wasn’t completed. I got credit back, but still. Ugh! 😒
  • I’m documenting my quarantine with vlogs, pictures, and blog entries. I just feel paranoid at this point. I took my temp earlier in the day and I don’t have a fever.
  • I bought a signed positions CD while I’m confined to my room. 🥰🤪
  • Animal Crossing update: So I only played for a bit today. I was distracted! I’m hoping to sell the rest of my turnips tomorrow. (I time traveled so they spoiled! I forgot to give Penelope her birthday present that’s why I changed the time. HBD Penelope! 🥺)
  • Definitely miss hanging out with my family and pets.
  • I’m hoping to be more productive tomorrow. Anything goes!

Hope y’all had a nice one. Stay safe!

Good night.


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