Day 279.

Happy Wednesday! I’ve got one more day and then it’s break. Today was trying due to my own personal struggles, but I made it! The pain is real though. 😩😭 At least it’s my last one of the year. Get what I’m hinting at? 🥴 Wore my Stoggles to work too. Love them!

I was really happy that my second to last Sanrio package was delivered today. Most of my gifts have been distributed! Hurrah. Now I just gotta take care of the fam. It’ll all get done. Must mail my holiday cards too!

My sleep has been up and down. I watched A California Christmas before bed. It was okay. Lolll. Super cheesy. I also watched some South Park and Family Matters. Good times!

Animal Crossing update: I bought more holiday attire. Went with the Santa hat and dress. Super cute! Would love another beanie. I finally got to talk to Bonbon. I really miss Goose! 😭 Spider bit me last night. I’ll eventually catch one.

We watched The Masked Singer finale. I knew 2/3 finalists. The winner was a plot twist for me. See ya again in the spring! That’ll be a while.

I’m pretty tired today so I’m planning to sleep early. I hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


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