Day 184.

Happy Saturday! I slept in longer than usual. Insomnia. So I stayed up watching the Amanda Knox documentary. It was interesting, but I still have a bunch of questions.

Just finished my workout. 600 squats done for the week! Week 3 ✅ I’m staying consistent. Some days can be really hard, but I stay motivated. I can do anything! It’s all in the mind. Focus.

Animal Crossing update: I time traveled to buy this sweater dress from the Able Sisters. Lol. I also bought a climbing wall. Not sure where to put it on my island. Maybe near the playground? We’ll see. Still paying my loan off. I’m almost there.

I miss baseball. Giants are still postponed. But supposedly the first test that was taken yesterday was a false positive. So we’ll see. 🖤🧡

I ate some really good Chinese food today. Before that I was overthinking. My usual routine. Lol. 🙃 I was brave and sent a text. It’s been more than a week since we talked. Not sure where this is going. But I’m here for the ride. I need to give myself credit for being brave and talking to someone new. We just can’t meet in person and it sucks.

I’m trying to make progress with my class, but my assignment needs to be graded first. Argh! I just wanted to take the test and be done with it. Maybe Monday?

Hopefully I don’t sleep too late. Might practice driving tomorrow. Football is back. Exciting! I think it’ll be a go come game time. It all depends on the air quality. Go Niners! ❤️💛

Still figuring things out. I hope I can clean tomorrow. It’s been a while. Lol.

That was my Saturday. Hope y’all had a nice one!

Good night.


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