Day 155.

TGIF! So glad it’s the weekend. 🙂

It was so hot today. I think it hit 97 degrees in the city. I enjoy the rare hot day. It can just be overwhelming since a lot of older SF houses aren’t equipped with air conditioning.

I decided to get my walk in anyway despite the weather. All I need is 15-20 minutes.

We finally got my dresser in my room. It took a few days to build, but it looks great! I’ll be smart with how much to store. The drawers are too pretty. I’m planning to do more cleaning, organizing, and get a load of laundry done. So many moving pieces these next few weeks.

We had Shake Shack for dinner. So good! It’s definitely in my top 3. I didn’t get my usual so I went with the ShackBurger with cheese.

Animal Crossing update: I bought a new painting to add to my museum! And the last time I played today it was raining. I’ll play a bit before bed to do some maintenance.

I got some good news from my medical team. I just need to be super cautious and careful once we’re able to head back to work. I need eye protection. My glasses alone won’t be enough. I just want people to keep their distance and mask up. They also recommend surgical masks instead of a cloth one. I can definitely do that.

Giants lost a game they should’ve won. Yikes! I’ll always root for them. 🖤🧡 49ers: Kittle signed a 5 year extension. Wooooo! ❤️💛

Well, I’m pretty exhausted. I hope I can sleep well tonight. I might squeeze in a movie.

Have a great weekend! Take care.

Good night.


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