Day 146.

Today was a blur, but that’s only because I’ve been pretty busy. I didn’t get to nap today, so I’m feeling more tired than usual. I’m resting for a bit and then I gotta get to work on brainstorming and studying for my TEFL course.

Animal Crossing update: I’m still trying to capture my first scorpion. It’s frustrating me. Lol. I’ve been bitten so many times. I can feel it. My first capture is soon! One disappeared on me tonight. That’s never happened before. UGH.

There was no baking today, but I did help with cooking dinner. We made spam again. We do our best to have it sparingly. We also made spam musubi. So quick and easy! Never paying for it again.

I opened the rest of my happy mail. Everything is so cute! I’m trying to organize everything since next week will be a week of rearranging and building. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for it.

Giants win! I hope we can tie the series tomorrow before heading back to LA. Colorado is good this season. I’m impressed.

That was my Wednesday. I think it’s time to play one more round of AC and then get to work. Seriously! Haha. Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.