Day 156.

It was another hot one in SF. I decided to sleep in and complete my exercise indoors. It feels like Davis weather! 🥵

I was pretty productive today. I did another load of laundry, folded my clean laundry, and I’m about to put everything away. We’ve got 3 more things to build. Taking a break most likely until tomorrow. Hoping to see our Lola too! Speaking of her, we got to chat for a little bit on the phone. We miss her. ❤️

Giants lost again. Oy! ☹️ But I guess the silver lining is that the A’s have a huge advantage with the Astros to try and take the division. Considering the cheating scandal and all. I don’t root for Oakland, but this is an exception.

I’ve gotta get back on track with my TEFL course. There are a few distractions, but I must focus. Keep my eyes on the prize!!! 🤓

I’m planning to finish Sleepless in Seattle tonight. Bill Pullman’s character and his allergies. 😂

I’m doing alright with Animal Crossing. I’m cleaning up since I’ll have a friend over on my island tomorrow. Haha. My new painting is in the museum. Hurrah!

I’m also catching up with a friend on IG. I’m such an empath. I caught her at the right time. Sending her love! 💗

That was my Saturday. I hope y’all had a nice one. Take care.

Good night.


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