Day 172.

We made it to the end of August. Happy Monday! ❤️ As we embark on a new month, I wish you all peace and strength. This pandemic has been tough, but we can!

Watched Work It before I slept. I actually enjoyed it. Loved the cast and music. 💃🏻

I was supposed to study earlier and I haven’t done any of it yet. I hope my motivation changes. I’m still in a funk. I’ll snap out of it! Gotta keep going with my goals and dreams.

MLB tradeline: Giants picked up a new pitcher. We lose D. Rod. Good luck in Detroit! I wish it would’ve worked out in SF. We’ll be cheering for you!

Animal Crossing update: Flick is on my island. Trying to sell him as many bugs as possible. I need the bells!!! I haven’t seen Celeste in a while. I don’t play as much as night – that probably explains why!

I’m making progress with work stuff, so I’m relieved. I was a little stressed out after turning it in and then anticipating the response from my boss. My goal: teach an online course. Hopefully it works out for me.

Chatting with that guy. Convo is up and down – I swear it’s my anxiety. I’ll leave him alone for a few days. I don’t want to be that girl always texting. We’re still getting to know each other. We probably won’t meet until next year. Sadness, but trying to keep things interesting. 😂

Oh yeah, my bro finally heard me play my uke earlier tonight that he closed my door during the NBA playoffs. LOL! Funniest thing ever. 🎼

Welcoming September with open arms. I miss the past. We can’t go back. We’re here! No more running. I must face my fears. I’ll be okay.

Lastly, I really like my new lip stain. I bought it last year. Such a nice red. 💋

Take care y’all!

Good night.