Day 169.

TGIF! What a day. I wasn’t feeling well earlier, so I took it easy for the last few hours. I’ve been feeling stressed and anxious. I had to breathe and let go. I exercised too. I got through it.

The news of Chadwick Boseman’s passing has left me heartbroken. What a talent! I enjoyed him in 42 and Black Panther. RIP. ❤️

I finished some work stuff. That’s where my anxiety stems from. I want it to be perfect, but it’s a work in progress. As long as I’m improving – that’s all that matters to me.

Last Christmas is finally in my possession! Now it’s part of our movie collection. Yay!!! 💗

Animal Crossing update: I played for about 30 minutes. Took care of maintenance on my island.

Giants losing streak is at 3. Still cheering for them. 🖤🧡

I might play my uke to give me some peace. I’m just looking forward to the weekend. Deep breaths. Everything will be alright.

Happy weekend to all! Take care.

Good night.