Day 136.

Happy Sunday! I can’t believe this is the final week of July. Time is flying.

I started my morning off with Animal Crossing. I bought turnips and didn’t miss Daisy Mae compared to last weekend. Hurrah! Then I made tea, plated cookies, and got ready for my video chat with my friend, Diana. She’s doing big things and I’m so proud of her. Best of luck in Baltimore! I’ll miss ya lots. 🥰

I took a quick nap before engaging in a zoom meeting about social justice and the BLM movement. I enjoyed the conversation and I’m glad I was able to contribute to the discussion. I’m evolving and keeping an open mind to keep the conversation going. BLM 🖤

After that I had a late lunch. I also measured my window area for where my new desk will potentially stand. There’s so much I want to tackle. A day at a time.

I also got to catch up with my friend Brandy via text. She’s doing well too!

Online dating is still something for me. I think I’m being ghosted. Lol. I’m living my truth and doing my best to be transparent. If a person can’t accept that, thank u, next! No response since early this morning. I won’t think about it too much. We just started talking.

Anyway, the Giants are heading home after they split the series in LA. 2-2! 😎🖤🧡 Best news ever!!

I’m hoping for a great week. Take care! 😷

Good night.


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