Day 74.

Happy Monday! The weekend is officially over. I just wanted to reflect on this Memorial Day. It’s different, but the message remains the same. We remember those who have served and are still serving. Thank you for your sacrifice. ❤️

It’s been an okay day. I washed dishes. Yeah! That’s a win.

I’m feeling more tired today than usual. I’m also getting anxiety over my video appt tomorrow morning with my doc. I haven’t been taking care of myself in the best ways. My diet has been complete crap. As the shelter in place will soon be lifted, it’s difficult to go back to what was. What’s normal? It’s already a different world out there. My anxiety has been something. I’m trying to just breathe and meditate. A day at a time.

Anyway, we watched a bunch of Unsolved Mysteries. So many good stories. Some of them I remember and the other ones not so much.

We decided to bake cupcakes. Stress baking! Woo. Funfetti ftw. I only ate 3. That’s self control. 🙃

I played some Animal Crossing today. I didn’t do as much compared to other days. I stayed up till 5am to start the new day. The message in the bottle always makes me happy. I’ve got some new DIY recipes. I’m so close to paying off my loan and finally getting a bridge built. I’ve invested 100+ hours. The game is wild, but it’s kept me sane during quarantine.

I practiced a bit of the uke today too. I’ve been consistent. I want all the chords to stick.

I’ve just been reflecting on my life today. It’s been weeks since I’ve had a commute to work. I miss it. Can I even go back to that? So many questions and not enough answers. This virus changed everything. I mentioned this before but I really did have a lot of hopes and dreams for 2020. I feel sad for those we’ve lost and for those still fighting. 😭💔 I’ll remain hopeful. Please do your part, stay home as much as possible, and wear your mask!!! 😷

I want to sleep soon. Hope you all had a nice day. Good night. 💜


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