Day 63.

The highlight of my day was visiting our grandma! It’s been weeks since we’ve seen her. I’m glad she’s doing well. ❤️ We said hello to her from a distance. We miss her so much.

We wanted to do some essentials shopping but unfortunately it was too busy. So we’ll save it for another day. We decided on In N Out for lunch. It’s our comfort food. We all had our masks on and ordered from the car. It’s a different world now. It’s difficult to imagine what the future will look like. A day at a time.

Animal Crossing update: I’ve made several improvements on my island. I need permits to really make my island my own. That’ll happen in a few days.

Watched Crazy Rich Asians again. Always a good movie. 😊 Then we watched Wheel of Fortune and Forensic Files.

Just practiced my uke. Yay! Anyway, it was a mellow Thursday. I’m stuffed. We ordered ice cream for dessert. 😬😋 I can’t with junk food these next couple of days.

Hope you’re all well. Take care!

Good night.


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