Day 64.

Today was a rest day for me. I was very fatigued. I also dealt with another bout of anxiety. I really hate that feeling. I’m doing okay now.

I eventually fell asleep, but before I did I played some Animal Crossing. I’m going to attempt to redesign part of my island tomorrow. I’ll start with some paths and more decorations.

Uke practice! Trying to memorize two songs. I want to feel more confident by the end of the month.

Took a nice long nap. I was disoriented and I thought it was already the next day. Sleep deprivation does that to you.

I just played another round of Animal Crossing. I sold a lot of fruit and planted some more trees. Proud of my progress.

Anyway, I’m really glad it’s the weekend again. Lockdown here in the Bay Area could eventually be lifted on 5/31 or it could be extended. Not sure what the status is right now. Either way it won’t be the same. Masks will be the norm.

I’ll watch a documentary or something. Take care everyone!

Good night.


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