Day 335.

Happy Wednesday! This week is going by slowly, but I’m almost there. Can’t wait until it’s 2/14! I’ll be free to roam the house again. Quarantine has been tough.

  • I didn’t sleep very well. I was watching Cobra Kai gag reels and Karate Kid clips. 😂💕
  • I’m glad I set my phone to vibrate while silent. It would’ve been a mess if I hadn’t.
  • I went back to sleep after bringing in supplies. I haven’t done much today. I’m rewatching Cobra Kai already. 🥰
  • Twitter has kept me connected. Instagram too! There’s so much going on in the world. Anti-Asian sentiment is alive and well. It’s been happening and it’s underreported. I stand with my community!
  • I might do some light reading tonight. I’d also like to start exercising again. Slow and steady.
  • Animal Crossing update: sold some of my turnips. My island hasn’t been too eventful. Still so much to fix and update.

Hope y’all had a nice one! Stay safe. 😷

Good night.


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