Day 265.


This day always makes me sad, but very thankful. It’s been eight years since my maternal grandfather (Lolo) passed away. He was a smart, kind, and funny man. I keep you with me every day. I’m sure that you and Lola aren’t too far away. Continue to guide us and to keep us safe during this very interesting time! 💗

We’re halfway into the week and I’m feeling it. But I had a good day! I had a sluggish start tbh. I couldn’t get out of bed until I had an hour left to get ready. 😬 I hate running late, but I made it in time.

I played a game of football, Kahoot!, and badminton with the boys. I’m so tired. 😬😩 But it was a lot of fun. I gotta practice throwing my spiral.

We had Vietnamese food for dinner. I caught Jeopardy for our Lolo. It was his favorite show. We watched Wheel of Fortune and The Masked Singer! I was entertained.

Animal Crossing update: Pashmina has moved in! Snow will be arriving very soon on Mango. Yay!! ❄️

It’s a busy Thursday and Friday for me! Gotta take care of some paperwork too. Hoping to sleep early tonight. I need all the rest I can get.

I hope y’all had a nice day. Take care!

Good night.


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