Day 187.

Not a very Happy Tuesday for me. I dealt with a mosquito flying around in my room before bed. It was the most annoying thing ever! So I tried to fall asleep with my AirPods in my ears. It made me so anxious. I hope I can sleep better tonight.

I decided to clean the bathroom and the kitchen. Clean floors are happy floors! 🙂 I treated myself to a cup of ice cream afterwards. Hurrah!

Animal Crossing update: I’m ready to take money out of my savings account to pay for the rest of my loan. I need more home storage! Labelle stopped by today. The villager I want gone is still on my island. It’s getting old. Lol. I would like a new villager.

I missed out on some NBA games today since I took a nap after cleaning. The Nuggets advance after defeating the Clippers. 😱 The Heat beat the Celtics in Game 1 of the ECF.

The Giants are returning to SF to play the Mariners due to the terrible AQI in the PNW. Seattle will be the home team. This shall be interesting. I believe we have 12 games remaining. Go Giants! 🖤🧡

Speaking of AQI, the skies were finally blue today. That may change leading up to the weekend, but I plan to take advantage of it until then. I’ve got a bunch of doctor’s appointments lined up for this week and into next.

I’ve gotta exercise and shower. Hoping to sleep better tonight as I mentioned earlier.

Text convos are something. Haven’t really checked my phone because of my anxiety. 🙃 And work stuff too. Eep.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


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