Day 173.

Happy Tuesday! It’s officially September. 🍂

I had a very productive day. Although I was distracted with a lot of other noise. I eventually got everything done. I hope to be just as productive tomorrow. I took care of emails and finished another lesson for my TEFL course.

Before bed last night I watched a few episodes of Sister, Sister. One of my fave tv shows from childhood. 1. It’s a show about twins. 2. funny and amazing cast! 3. so many classic episodes. Check it out on Netflix if you’ve never seen it before! Mowry twins 💕

Animal Crossing update: It feels like Autumn! I mean it will be very soon, but AC is a little early. There are pine cones, acorns, and pumpkins. I love everything about the Fall! The color scheme is beautiful. There are new bugs and fish too. I’ll try to catch some more tomorrow. I’m excited! 😊

Caught Game 7 of the Utah-Denver series. Hard fought by both teams. Denver came out on top. I love the playoffs! And I miss the Warriors.

Giants won big tonight, 23-5, in Denver! It was nice to see a bunch of runs. Dickerson had himself a night! 😎🖤🧡 Keep going, fellas. Go Giants!

I also got to exercise. It’s week 2 of the 600 squat challenge. I’m on day 2 = 200 squats. 4 more days! I always feel accomplished when I get it done. It’s always hard in the beginning, but it gets easier towards the end. Go me! 💪🏼

Still thinking about a lot of things. I’m just trying to breathe. It helps with my anxiety. Music always helps too. I had to play my uke earlier to help me keep calm.

I’m hoping to clean and organize some more tomorrow. Just gotta plan the day out better. I can do this!

Lastly, my leggings from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale arrived today. Hoping to break them in soon. I’ve worn lipstick for the last 2 days. Instant mood booster!💄

Take care, y’all!

Good night.


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