Day 138.

Happy Tuesday!

I was able to secure the things I needed at IKEA. A lot of low stock due to the pandemic so I was unable to proceed with the original items I wanted. Delivery is set for August. Yay!

Animal Crossing update: 7/30 is the day! We get fireworks every Sunday in August. So exciting!! 😊 It’s something to look forward to before the week ends. Pascal dropped some more knowledge. He’s so funny. Love him!

I didn’t get to nap today so I’m pretty tired. I stayed awake so I could eat my In-N-Out burger in time. After dinner we tuned in for the Giants home opener. We lost. Final score 5 SD, 3 SF. New day, new game tomorrow.

We also watched a Jeopardy episode on Netflix. One of our fave shows at home.

I received some good news today. I must brainstorm on an online course to offer in the Fall if work doesn’t open in time. It might take me a while, but I think I’ll figure it out.

I took it easy today. I’m planning to be more productive tomorrow.

That was my Tuesday. Hope everyone had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


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