#TBT: Portland – July 4-5, 2013


I was thinking about this road trip a few weeks ago. I decided to find the pictures and here they are. Some of my favorite memories are from college. It’s funny because we were all at a July 4th gathering. We talked about Portland, but to actually drive up? Yeah, we said let’s go! I was a professional passenger so I offered a lot of emotional support, lol. I did my best to stay awake and be a team player. Lots of music was played. And Louie the beagle pug was with us too.

All photos were taken with my iPhone 5. My first apple phone. I don’t regret it. 😛


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Thank you, Matt Cain!


Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain.
On Field Photo Day 2008.

I had to dig through my archives to find that picture. It’s hard to believe Cain’s career ends this weekend. His loyalty really says something. #forevergiant

I really miss Timmy too. I wonder what he’s up to these days. I think he might still be in the minors? I hope he comes back to the majors.

Anyway, On Field Photo Day that year was a lot of fun! My sisters and I got there pretty early. We were first in line. Such a good time. We got so many pictures. My favorites from that day would have to be Ray Durham, Jonathan Sanchez, and Dave Roberts. Dave sticks out to me because he was headed to the dugout already when we yelled for him. He caught sight of my sister’s UCLA hoodie. He’s a proud Bruin, so he stopped and posed for us! So, so nice.

I’ll be in attendance for a few games this weekend. I’m really excited. GO GIANTS! 🙂



Yeah, I still haven’t watched s3 and the s4 premiere is tomorrow. 😬

On that note, I’m really enjoying Broad City. I’ve got to finish Party of Five and Hart of Dixie. I’m a lagger. 

And I absolutely hate it when Netflix gets rid of good movies and tv shows. Blah. 

I’m cranky. That means good night. Hope everyone had a splendid Tuesday! 


July 29, 2017: Napa Valley

Wine tasting round two! I completely forgot to blog about this. I’ll do my best to remember what I did that day. 

L-R: Adrian, Katie, me, Bernice, Brea, and Justin.

  • V. Sattui Winery. It was a birthday party for Pauline and David. Adrian, Katie, and I decided to wine taste inside. Everyone else was having lunch. 
  • I ended up buying two bottles of wine. Dessert wine ftw! 
  • Oxbow Public Market is amazing btw. That’s where we had lunch. It was delicious! (Steak sandwich + mac & cheese for me! Thanks Adrian.)
  • Peju Province Winery was cool! That’s where the picture was taken. 
  • After that we went to Bouchon Bakery. I went ham on macarons & bread. It was my first time there so I thought, why not? 🙂
  • To end the day, we all had dinner back at Oxbow Public Market. We went to the kitchen door. 
  • Random memory: back at the first winery, B told me she saw someone from high school. Turns out it was our former crush. LOL. #bye 

Will continue to update. I’ll do my best to make it a weekly thing. I want to get back to documenting everything. I find comfort in nostalgia. 

Happy weekend to all! ❤️