Day 256.

Happy Monday! 😁 I got to sleep in and take it easy. I’ll pretty much be doing the same thing every day. Yay!!! I just started watching The Queen’s Gambit. It’s really good so far.

Highlight of my day: Catching up with our BFF via Zoom. We miss our dinners and hang outs! Maybe next year? 💞

I took a nap before our chat. I overslept a bit, but it worked out.

I just finished watching 17 Again. We’re now watching Center Stage. One of our faves!!! I love the cast, the music, and the dancing.

I also saw Nelly on Dancing with the Stars! He performed his hits. My crush in 7th grade!! 😍🥰

Animal Crossing update: I’m excited for Franklin’s visit! Can’t wait. Goose had me look for some treasure and I didn’t succeed. Lol.

Well, that was my day. Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.


Day 13.

I’m feeling a bit better today. Clarity. And a nice nap helped me out. After many delays, my medication is now in my hands. Thank goodness! I’m so very grateful to my medical team for always being clutch. They really are miracle workers! Shoutout to my pharmacy too for being so patient and helpful with me when I was super upset. That happened yesterday. I already feel better after taking my regular dose. Lastly, thank you to UPS. It was tough, but y’all pulled through during these chaotic times.

I’m also super grateful to my supportive friends and family for letting me vent and checking in. Hi Bianca, Jamie, and Brea! 💕

Broad City is bringing all the laughs. The final season! I’ve got five more episodes to watch. I’ll space it out. 🙂 Gotta be productive these next few days. It doesn’t have to be big tasks. Progress is progress. I’m thinking of taking up a new hobby. Yay!

Hope all your Wednesdays went well. I’m still pretty tired. The stress these last few days have been unreal, but I made it.

Until next time. Good night!