Thank you, Matt Cain!


Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain.
On Field Photo Day 2008.

I had to dig through my archives to find that picture. It’s hard to believe Cain’s career ends this weekend. His loyalty really says something. #forevergiant

I really miss Timmy too. I wonder what he’s up to these days. I think he might still be in the minors? I hope he comes back to the majors.

Anyway, On Field Photo Day that year was a lot of fun! My sisters and I got there pretty early. We were first in line. Such a good time. We got so many pictures. My favorites from that day would have to be Ray Durham, Jonathan Sanchez, and Dave Roberts. Dave sticks out to me because he was headed to the dugout already when we yelled for him. He caught sight of my sister’s UCLA hoodie. He’s a proud Bruin, so he stopped and posed for us! So, so nice.

I’ll be in attendance for a few games this weekend. I’m really excited. GO GIANTS! 🙂


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