Day 268.

Happy Saturday! Really thankful that I was able to sleep in today. I’m feeling a little under the weather. I hope it’s just seasonal. I’ve had tummy issues for most of the day. I made ramen with egg for dinner. I even took a nap.

I washed some dishes. Much needed! I listened to my music to make the time go faster. 🙂

I ordered some Christmas presents. Just some small things for family and friends. I won’t be going all out this year. I’ll be sending things instead. I talked about that yesterday.

Animal Crossing update: My island is doing alright. Nothing too eventful.

I’m just feeling paranoid is all. It’s still a very scary time. California is sheltering in place again. These next few weeks are super important!! Please stay home and don’t gather.

Be safe and take care!

Good night.


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