Day 252.

Happy Thursday! I had a better day at work. I followed through with everything. One more day and it’s holiday break!! 😄

I had my 2nd driving lesson with Eugenia. I must practice more often. I’m still quite anxious behind the wheel, but it’ll take time to regain my confidence. I’ll get it back! I must remember to share the road. 😬😂

Klay is officially out for the new NBA season. 😭💔 We’ve been waiting for a healthy Warriors team! Still supporting them no matter what. Get well soon, Klay! 💙💛

Gotta head to the lab in the morning. So many extra steps as a chronic condition patient. It must be done. I can’t take shortcuts.

Animal Crossing update: The new update has been installed! My island is doing okay. Will revamp some more this weekend.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Dad! Love you. ❤️ Today is also Coco’s Rainbow Bridge crossing. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. 😭 Miss you, girl!!!

Well this is good night. Take care!


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