Day 251.

Today was a better day. We’re halfway into the week! Can’t wait until it’s Friday night. 😄

Scheduled my doctor’s appointment with pulmonology. I’ll be chatting with them in December! Staying positive. 💜

I played badminton at work! We ended the day with trivia. It’s a lot of fun! Planning to play again on Friday.

Animal Crossing update: My island is doing alright. Just waiting for the latest update!!

I’ve got my 2nd driving lesson tomorrow. I hope it’s fun and eventful!! I know I can do this. 🚙

I’ve gotta shower before I sleep tonight. It’s so cold, but I must do it! Winter is coming.

The highlight of my day was watching The Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice with the fam. It’s always so much fun guessing! Great shows. I definitely think the crocodile is Nick Carter! BSB fans know that voice. 💞

Well, this is good night. Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!


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