Day 245.

It’s been so cold that all I want to do is stay in bed, but that’s not happening until Saturday. 🥶🙃 One more day! My day went well. It’s just different when the boss man isn’t around. Here’s hoping he returns next week!

Rain is in the forecast tomorrow. Yay! We need it.

I’ve got a COVID test to take tomorrow morning and a virtual appointment with my therapist.

Still sorting out some paperwork regarding my dental care. Kinda stressful tbh, but I hope it settles soon.

Animal Crossing update: I love having Bob on my island. He’s so cool!

Btw, chips are my weakness. Junk food in general. 🤪 Must chill out. Lol!

I’m tired. I’ve got an early day. Hope y’all had a nice Thursday. Take care!

Good night.