Day 237.

I woke up exhausted and anxious. Still hoping for the best. 💙

I stayed in bed and played Animal Crossing before I got ready for work. I’ve planted ivy starters. I can’t wait for the holiday season on Mango! Yay!!! 🎄

I played baseball and dodgeball at work. It was actually a lot of fun. I got tired, but it was worth it! It’s almost the weekend. I can’t wait so I can just chill. I’m adding more holiday movies on my to watch list. 😂

I think I’m going to have to stay away from Mexican cuisine. It’s so good, but it’s all I’ve had for the last few days. I also need to get away from Halloween candy and junk food. Terrible! I was stress eating yesterday. Trying to stay away from social media, but it’s hard. I want to stay fully informed.

My shower felt so nice. I’m clean!! I even removed my eye makeup. Win!!!

Planning to turn in early. I need the sleep. This is good night. Take care!