Day 103.

When you’re tired the next day. That’s me! 😬 I tried to fight off taking a nap, but I was unsuccessful. I fell asleep for a few hours. I don’t remember much from the day other than having lunch and I just had dinner.

Animal Crossing update: I’m planning to redo my island entrance. I’m thinking something with waterfalls. I’m getting overwhelmed with flowers. 🙃 I might start on that tonight. I also want to give my island some dimension. I really want to just pay off my loan. It’ll be another few weeks.

Life update: it’s been 2 years since Sal became a part of our family. She really is a delicate flower. She enjoys the quiet, treats, and naps on cozy blankets. I’ll always remember that day. We were minutes away from home and then we got into a car accident. Thankfully everyone was okay. But it’s still a bit traumatic to this day. I had some bruises on my body. I can remember the impact too. I’m healing. ❤️

I was supposed to do laundry, but I’ll get to that tomorrow.

MLB will have a season. I’ve got mixed emotions. 1. The season is short. Why have it at all? 2. I don’t think that social setting is safe yet. 3. The DH in the NL. 😒 I guess I’ll watch, but it’s not 162 games. Mehhh.

And please wear your masks! 😷 Folx are being combative about it. There’s a surge in cases in California. Please give the rest of us a fighting chance. I’m so passionate about this because I fall into the vulnerable population. I want “normalcy” too, but it’ll take much longer if you don’t comply. Do your part! End rant.

Well, that was my Tuesday. Random, but I really want to bake brownies again. The ones we made yesterday were a cake texture. The fudge ones are the best.

Hope y’all had a good one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 22.

Happy Birthday, Sal! She’s 7 today. ❤️ I’m really happy we rescued her. She’s so sweet. Love you. And a Happy Birthday to my friend, Chris! We met at CCSF and we’ve kept in touch since. Those friendships are the best. Hope you enjoyed the day! We’ll celebrate once we’re able. 🧡

I slept all day. Noticing a pattern? I’m trying to normalize my sleep. It’s pretty difficult. Ahh. I’ll try to sleep earlier tonight. But I want to watch Onward. Looks like a really good movie.

Anyway, I spent part of my day drafting an email. And then I sent it. Then I had to pay a bill. Successful Friday!

Glad it’s the weekend. I hope I’m productive. And even if I’m not, I’m going through all of this. We all are.

Good night!


MY WEEK IN PHOTOS: JUNE 18-24, 2018.

It’s my first full week of summer vacation! It’s odd to say that. I miss work, but I definitely need the time off. 😛

I think the highlight(s) of my week would have to be taking Dad to his first Giants game and adopting Sally. Despite the car accident, I’m glad my family and I are okay. I still get uneasy being in a vehicle, but fear shouldn’t stop me. Especially because we didn’t cause it.

To the pictures!

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Resting up.


I just returned from Orlando. I’m catching up on other life things. I’d like to update the blog soon. I’m hoping to work on an entry tonight.

I’m still recovering from the car accident. Bruises are fading, but I’m still unable to put too much pressure on my knees. It hurts. 😦 Being in a vehicle has stressed me out. I’m reminded of what happened. It’s scary!!

Sally is still adjusting too. I hope she warms up to us soon.

Happy Friday!