Day 253.

TGIF!!! It’s been a tough week, but I made it. I’m ready for holiday break. 🙂 Got to take home a pumpkin spice cheesecake from work. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow!

Things are scary in the SF Bay Area right now. COVID cases are surging. A stay at home order has been put in place for the next month starting tomorrow. Stay safe out there, everyone! Please continue to do your part. 😷 Staying away saves lives!!!

I went to the lab this morning to take care of my monthly test. Ordered my meds as soon as I got home. After that I washed dishes and then got ready for work. I usually end at 6pm, but everyone was picked up at 4:30pm. Hurrah! Auntie also helped with some Asian groceries. Woo!!

I’m just glad that I can take it easy for the next few days, but I’m also dealing with some health stuff. I meet with a specialist in two weeks. I hope it’s nothing too serious.

Watched Dateline. It was good! The story was based in Bakersfield. I was intrigued.

Animal Crossing update: Sold my weeds to Leif. Got a few new DIY recipes. It’s going well!

I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep. I hope y’all had a nice one. Take care and enjoy the weekend!!


Day 232.

TGIF! I’m so happy it’s the weekend. I can finally sleep in and catch up on things on my to do list. 🙂

Work went well. Played some more badminton and played a lot of Halloween tunes. It was a good day! I also had my 2nd Covid-19 test done. Results should arrive in a matter of days.

Boba was my treat of the day. Strawberry matcha latte! So good. I think it’s one of my fave drinks now. 😋

Halloween weekend will consist of candy, movies, and football! The time change is on Sunday. We gain an hour. Woo!

Animal Crossing update: Must tidy up and figure out my costume. Really excited for the Halloween festivities.

I’ve been watching a lot of Dateline and 20/20. It’s all interesting, but sad. I hope the families find peace and closure.

I’m calling it a night soon. Want an early start tomorrow.

This is good night. Take care!


Day 22.

Happy Birthday, Sal! She’s 7 today. ❤️ I’m really happy we rescued her. She’s so sweet. Love you. And a Happy Birthday to my friend, Chris! We met at CCSF and we’ve kept in touch since. Those friendships are the best. Hope you enjoyed the day! We’ll celebrate once we’re able. 🧡

I slept all day. Noticing a pattern? I’m trying to normalize my sleep. It’s pretty difficult. Ahh. I’ll try to sleep earlier tonight. But I want to watch Onward. Looks like a really good movie.

Anyway, I spent part of my day drafting an email. And then I sent it. Then I had to pay a bill. Successful Friday!

Glad it’s the weekend. I hope I’m productive. And even if I’m not, I’m going through all of this. We all are.

Good night!


Day 15.

TGIF! We made it. I stayed up watching Step By Step. Lol. Childhood memories. And then I eventually fell asleep. Woke up to messages from family, friends, and work. Closure will extend to May 1st. I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands now.

I’m hoping to learn the uke now. I need to find a good beginner one. I’m doing some research and I’m already trying to figure out chords.

I’m trying my best to disconnect from social media, but it’s hard because family and friends are on there. People tagging you left and right. Lol.

I’ll keep this entry short. And I just want to sincerely thank those on the front lines: doctors, nurses, everyone in the healthcare field, grocery store workers, delivery persons, and all essential employees! Also to those who have donated medical supplies and sewed masks. You are our heroes! #stayhome

Enjoy the rest of your night. Later!