Day 103.

When you’re tired the next day. That’s me! 😬 I tried to fight off taking a nap, but I was unsuccessful. I fell asleep for a few hours. I don’t remember much from the day other than having lunch and I just had dinner.

Animal Crossing update: I’m planning to redo my island entrance. I’m thinking something with waterfalls. I’m getting overwhelmed with flowers. 🙃 I might start on that tonight. I also want to give my island some dimension. I really want to just pay off my loan. It’ll be another few weeks.

Life update: it’s been 2 years since Sal became a part of our family. She really is a delicate flower. She enjoys the quiet, treats, and naps on cozy blankets. I’ll always remember that day. We were minutes away from home and then we got into a car accident. Thankfully everyone was okay. But it’s still a bit traumatic to this day. I had some bruises on my body. I can remember the impact too. I’m healing. ❤️

I was supposed to do laundry, but I’ll get to that tomorrow.

MLB will have a season. I’ve got mixed emotions. 1. The season is short. Why have it at all? 2. I don’t think that social setting is safe yet. 3. The DH in the NL. 😒 I guess I’ll watch, but it’s not 162 games. Mehhh.

And please wear your masks! 😷 Folx are being combative about it. There’s a surge in cases in California. Please give the rest of us a fighting chance. I’m so passionate about this because I fall into the vulnerable population. I want “normalcy” too, but it’ll take much longer if you don’t comply. Do your part! End rant.

Well, that was my Tuesday. Random, but I really want to bake brownies again. The ones we made yesterday were a cake texture. The fudge ones are the best.

Hope y’all had a good one. Take care!

Good night.


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