MY WEEK IN PHOTOS: JUNE 18-24, 2018.

It’s my first full week of summer vacation! It’s odd to say that. I miss work, but I definitely need the time off. πŸ˜›

I think the highlight(s) of my week would have to be taking Dad to his first Giants game and adopting Sally. Despite the car accident, I’m glad my family and I are okay. I still get uneasy being in a vehicle, but fear shouldn’t stop me. Especially because we didn’t cause it.

To the pictures!

Monday, June 18, 2018

I took it easy for the day. The siblings and I wanted soup. Pho! πŸ˜€

For dessert, we had boba! I always get my usual order at TPumps. Strawberry milk tea with boba!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I had to run a few errands. It was a nice day!

I’m a sucker for shadows.

Sutro Tower! I decided to walk home.

Leftovers for lunch. Yay, Filipino food!

Getting ready for bed. Beari loves to play before we sleep. She’s so silly. Haha.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Small gift, big smile. I love Sanrio! I bought a few things for my upcoming trip to Orlando.

Brunch. I had a long day ahead of me. Stress eating is terrible.

Took a quick mental break. Breathe.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning and hanging out with the doggies. ❀

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Getting ready for bed, but the sisters were on their way to the airport. Have fun in Chicago!! πŸ™‚

I fell asleep at around 4am.

Just the doggies and me. Always a great time!! Hi, Coco.


Brunch. I love avocados!!

FaceTiming with the sisters. They’re getting settled in.

Chilling out with Coco. I was watching TV.


Chipotle bowl for dinner.


Friday, June 22, 2018

HAPPY FRIDAY! Ran a bunch of errands. Then I had to get ready for the Giants game. Dad’s first game. HURRAH! Beatles Tribute Night.

Heading downtown. Parentals. ❀

Pit stop. Had to use the bathroom. Off to catch another train.

Finally at the park! It’s madness. Dad got a bit overwhelmed.

In our seats. Club level! The food is A+++.


I picked up Dad’s first game certificate and our event t-shirts. Then I went to get our food and drinks. I finally settled in in the 4th inning. Lines everywhere. Whew.

Got my Irish tots. YASSS. πŸ˜›

Beatles music all night long. Perfection.

We went home with the L. Bummer. 😦

Postgame fireworks! So pretty. Beatles soundtrack. AWESOME!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Lovely Saturday. The sun was shining and we’re on our way to the SPCA Adoption Center to see Sally.

Anxious Beari. It’s okay, girl.

Sally wanted to play, but Beari didn’t. She was off doing her own thing. Haha.

After talking it over, we decided to adopt Sally. She’s so heartwarming.

We stopped by Petco to buy her a few things. Then the accident happened. 😦

A few minutes before the accident. Tears. We were looking forward to going home.

From what I can remember, we were about to make our left turn. It was our light. And I can see this vehicle still driving straight ahead with no intention of stopping. She hits us and I jerked forward hitting the dash. My cap and my glasses flew off. Everything went in slow motion, fast, and then into present time. I was in shock.

My body was quite sore already. My knees hit the dash pretty hard. I was disoriented. Thankfully, there were a bunch of witnesses at the scene.

I had to be transported to the hospital because of my underlying health conditions. I left the dogs behind. They were shaken up too. I cried. The driver wasn’t paying attention. She admitted it.

Our Subaru was a tank. Thankful for her!

Instead of enjoying my Saturday, I spent my time in the hospital. They took x-rays of my knee. I didn’t stay at the ER for very long. I was in the express line from what they told me. Haha. I’m so grateful that we were okay. Once I got home, my knees were turning black and blue.

Being transported.

It was Pride Weekend. The EMTs thought there would be a lot of traffic, but thankfully there wasn’t.

Waiting room.

I was at the hospital for about three hours. My aunt was able to pick me up.


Treated ourselves to Koja Kitchen. Longgg day.

Food was so good!!

Spent the rest of my day taking it easy. I took a nap and then I watched TV.

One of my favorite Hey Arnold! episodes.

What a Saturday! I’m extremely thankful.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

BEARI! She stayed up with me.


Coco. Lazy Sunday with her.

Checked on Sally. She’s still warming up to me. She ate a bit.

Car wash before the airport!

Sisters are almost home. HURRAH!!! I’ve missed them so much.

Comfort food.

I had a great week, despite the auto accident. I’m so grateful that our injuries weren’t serious.

Thank you to the first responders, the witnesses, and our cousin Adrian for rushing to the scene.

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Catching up with entries. Sit tight! πŸ˜€

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