Day 98.

I’ve been feeling quite tired today. I didn’t accomplish much other than paying for a bill. I decided to sleep after I did that. I slept for a few hours. I just don’t have much energy compared to yesterday. Each day is different.

Animal Crossing update: the store has been moved and I just redid the entrance for it. It’s simple, but now I have some use for a lot of the items I’ve left lying around on the island. Yay! There’s progress. I’m new to the franchise, so I’m learning a lot. I enjoy the DIY recipes. 🙂 I’m still looking for the iron garden chair. I hope I find it soon or one of my villagers gives it to me.

I didn’t get a yoga session in. I just feel depleted. 😞 Hoping for a more productive day tomorrow. That all really depends on how I’m feeling. June is flying and I’m trying to do as much as I can on my list of things to accomplish.

Might watch a movie tonight. I’m in the middle of Kiki’s Delivery Service. I must practice my uke too.

I was updated with work stuff. That’s still on my mind a lot for the upcoming year. I’ll think about that another day. Hope you all had a nice Thursday! Take care.

Good night.


Resting up.


I just returned from Orlando. I’m catching up on other life things. I’d like to update the blog soon. I’m hoping to work on an entry tonight.

I’m still recovering from the car accident. Bruises are fading, but I’m still unable to put too much pressure on my knees. It hurts. 😦 Being in a vehicle has stressed me out. I’m reminded of what happened. It’s scary!!

Sally is still adjusting too. I hope she warms up to us soon.

Happy Friday!