Day 436.

Happy Saturday! Going to keep this short and sweet.

I ordered some new Sanrio goodies. I washed dishes. I watched basketball and baseball. I played a lot of Animal Crossing and redid some of my island. I ordered boba. I did a load of laundry. I also took my class quiz and passed! Now there are cookies and I’m pretty happy about that. 😊

It’s a new day tomorrow! I’ll be studying for most of it. I hope y’all had a nice one. Go Giants! 🖤🧡

Take care! Good night.


Day 435.

TGIF! It’s been a week. I made it!

I’m feeling sad right now. My sports teams 😭💔 Warriors were eliminated and the Giants lost. I cannot!!! I’ll be okay. It just stings. Is it football season yet?!!!

It was a typical day. I did the usual. I was waiting for the Sanrio drops and they’re all cute tees! I might buy one. We’ll see. I was a responsible adult today too and paid some bills.

ACNH update: The usual business on Mango. Didn’t sell all my turnips because the prices were too low. Paid some of my loan too.

Today was also put on purple day! I wore my aware necklace and my purple Reeboks. For my fellow Lupus warriors 💜

My assignment was finally graded. I’m going to take my quiz before bed. I’ll be studying all weekend too! I got this.

Have a great weekend! Take care.

Good night.


Day 433.

Happy Wednesday!!! I’m waiting for the weekend already. There’s so much to do and I really don’t have time during the week.

Dubs lost. UGHHH!!! 🤬 Giants won! 🖤🧡🖤🧡

Korean food for dinner. Yay! Wingstop didn’t work out.

My Sanrio goodies arrived today. Small gift, big smile. 🥲💗

I still need to study! My goal is to finish my last lesson for module 7 and get started on my assignment. Let’s go!!!

Played ACNH with the fam. I’ll fix my island up again later this week.

I’m tired. Good night.


Day 430.

It’s a new week, but I’ve been in my head a lot. I haven’t been able to snap out of my funk. I didn’t study at all this weekend. I’ve done a lot of thinking and I still don’t know what to do. Turn the page and start anew or stay another year? Sighhh.

I’ve been sleeping a lot. Avoidant behavior!!! This is how I coped in college too. It’s not healthy. I was so unproductive. And I’m thinking about this photo project now too. I gotta finish this module for class and start the next one. Must stay consistent!!

Giants won so that made me happy!! 🖤🧡🖤🧡 Dubs did too. 💙💛💙💛

I cut up a pineapple. It went alright. It was my first time doing it.

I washed some dishes and we ordered in for Mom and Dad’s anniversary. 💞

I’m ready to sleep. I’m tired. I’m looking forward to my brow wax tomorrow. Yay!!! It’s been too long.

Alright, I’m calling it a night. Btw, I played a lot of Animal Crossing. I have all my rooms, but my home loan is steep this time around! Just keep paying it off, little by little.

Good night and have a great week!!!


Day 428.

It was another cold one in the city! Ahh. 🥶🥶🥶


  • I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with everything I need to do. Part of me wants to stay, but the other part says go. 😢 I think it’s time to turn the page. I’m 50/50.
  • I’ve been studying for most of the week. I’ll be doing that tonight and tomorrow. My assignment still hasn’t been graded. Pretty frustrating!! Hasn’t happened to me before. I might have to send an email.
  • Tired. That was me today! I’m glad to get to rest up this weekend.
  • I’m craving all kinds of junk food. I need to control myself. 🙃
  • Sanrio drop was a little underwhelming. I’ll still look at all of the kawaii things. 🥰
  • Trying to plan out my summer and fall activities already! I’m excited.
  • And I’ll continue masking up. I think I talked about this topic yesterday. As a courtesy to others, but also protecting myself. 💜
  • Animal Crossing update: Sold all my turnips. Hurrah! Had to go to my sister’s island. All is well on Mango. Might play a bit before bed.
  • Giants lost and the Dubs win! 🖤🧡💙💛
  • I had ice cream. My fave – Ben & Jerry’s CC cookie dough.
  • I’m calling it a night. Bye!

Happy weekend to all!!!

Good night.


Day 426.

Happy Wednesday!! It was a nice, but chilly one.

  • Submitted my assignment before work. Progress every day!! It hasn’t been graded. I’m hoping it will be sometime tomorrow.
  • Work went well. I can smell summer vacation!!
  • After work, I helped with errands. I was tired, but we needed some necessities.
  • I’m working on my photo project story. I’m just about done.
  • Animal Crossing update: Happy Birthday to Ellie! 🥳🎂💗 Didn’t sell my turnips. Prices are too low. Sisters came over to hang out for a bit and gave Ellie her gifts.
  • I’m in a transitional phase right now in my life. I’ve got to figure things out for myself. I just hope it all works out for the best.
  • I’m itching to buy more Sanrio stuff. But I’ll wait! 🤪
  • My dream this morning had me in tears. It made me so sad. I woke up to process what happened and then I went back to sleep. What’s the message?
  • Football! So excited to watch football again later this year. Keeping up with baseball and basketball. 🖤🧡💙💛
  • Hoping to sleep early tonight.

Good night and take care!


Day 381.

Happy Sunday! I officially got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine today. 🥲🙏🏼 I’m so thankful. My body is doing alright atm.

  • I woke up at a decent time. I had to study and complete an assignment for my class. It’s been challenging! I’m not sure if I did it properly, but I’ll look it over again and submit it tomorrow or Tuesday.
  • I ate a lot of great food. BLT, corn bread, and half a burger. I needed to nourish myself before my vaccine appt!
  • Caught some of the UCLA game. They’re still dancing. Go Bruins! 💙💛
  • Appointment went well. It was in Mission Bay. I’m rarely in that part of town. It was nice to see Chase Center from a distance! The wait wasn’t long. The staff were all very friendly!
  • Dealing with arm soreness and I felt tired earlier so I took a nap. I’m going to heat up some soup and stay hydrated. No need for any Tylenol right now.
  • Animal Crossing update: I met Zipper and he’s a little creepy! But it’s cool to see eggs on my island. Bunny Day is 4/4! I also bought my turnips from Daisy Mae. All is well on Mango. I really want my Sanrio items and maybe a new villager!! 🥰
  • I’m hoping for a great week! It’s a short one and then it’ll be spring break!! I need to recharge for sure. I’ve got a lot of plans during that week. Can’t believe Easter is in a week. Time flies!

That was my Sunday. How was yours? Hope it went well. Take care!!

Good night.


Day 364.

OMG! It’s almost been a year of blogging. Tomorrow is the day!! 😱 I can’t believe it.

  • Chill day for me. I was able to sleep in! I really needed it.
  • I was in bed for a while since I just wanted to relax. I watched some of the Center Stage reunion from last year.
  • I eventually got up and prepped for the day. We decided to order Mediterranean food for lunch. 🙂 So good!!
  • We watched some episodes of America’s Next Top Model – cycle 6!
  • I had to move the car for street cleaning. I couldn’t find a spot for a while. Parked a few blocks away. I hope it’ll be okay overnight. Also got to chat with family again today.
  • Played insane amounts of Animal Crossing! I put together my flower garden. Very cool. 🌷
  • Ordered some milk teas + popcorn chicken for merienda. 😋
  • Watched some of the Dubs game. We got owned!!
  • Now we’re going to finish Time & Again. A Filipino movie. So far it’s good.
  • Still very happy about the long weekend.
  • Lastly, sending good vibes to our Lola and Lala! Wishing all the best. We love y’all!!!! 💕

That was my Thursday! Hope it went well for all of you. Hoping to schedule my iron infusions tomorrow! No one picked up so I’ll try in the morning.

Take care and good night!!


Day 356.

Happy Wednesday! It’s hump day. Hurrah!!!

  • Arm soreness kept me up. I dealt with it, but I woke up a few times during the night.
  • I was able to get through work, so that’s a good sign! Here’s hoping I get my 2nd dose appt soon. And it was also really nice to catch up with my work community! It’s rare to talk nowadays. Sending love to everyone!! 💕
  • I watched the Dubs game during dinner. Would’ve been nice to get the W! 😣
  • Also tuned in for name that tune. Such a fun show!
  • Now we’re watching the news. I’m still very hopeful during this pandemic! Slowly getting back to normalcy, but it’ll still be a while.
  • Animal Crossing update: I made some new items. I’m still buying more Mario things. Yay! There’s a visitor at the campsite, but not someone I’m interested in bringing to Mango. I’m about to play again shorty.
  • I’m always happy when bills are paid. Yes!!!
  • Lastly, it’s been 11 years since our paternal grandfather (Lolo) passed away. RIP. 🤍

That was my Wednesday. Hope y’all had a nice one. 💗

Good night.


Day 342.

Happy Wednesday! In 23 days, it’ll be a year since lockdown started for me. Time flies! And here we are.

  • I had a fairly productive day. I finally washed my Animal Crossing beddings set! Just in time for my bday this weekend. 🤗
  • Very productive session with my therapist. It’s always nice to just talk it out.
  • I took a much needed nap. Yes!
  • Before bed last night, I watched Three Words to Forever. I love Filipino movies! It helps me practice and understand Tagalog. Subtitles FTW!
  • Some more of my birthday presents arrived today. Yay!!! I’ll wrap it up just so I can open something. 😂
  • It’s back to work next week, but I’m taking advantage of my time off.
  • Must study and make progress tomorrow! I can!!
  • Caught some of the Dubs game. W! And baseball is officially back. Spring training!! The Giants have a lot of work ahead of them. We won’t be contenders for the next few years.
  • Animal Crossing update: Gulliver is in town. I’m going to play a bit so I can get a souvenir in exchange from him. I’m still moving things around on my island. So much work! I guess a player is never really done. And Bob is moving out. I decided to let him go so he can explore!
  • Super juiced about the Mario update. AC x Mario!!! ❤️
  • That was my day. Very chill.

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.