Baby steps.

Proud of myself for putting forth some effort and challenging my thought patterns as of late. I’m capable! The only thing stopping me is me. I don’t want to jump to conclusions or anything like that, but I’m also trying to be rational about the situation.

It’s fun trying to get to know someone new. Maybe I’ll have some more opportunities these next few days. But until then, I’m going to chill out, take care of school work, and catch up on sports!

I’m just very curious right now, but let’s not get too excited. Be cool. 🤪😎

Covid-19 is back in the household. I hope it’s completely gone in a week! Oh my goodness. It’s so inconvenient. 😫 Patience. Tested myself and I’m negative.

Well, back to A Tourist’s Guide to Love.

Good night.


Life update.

Things have been up and down since last Saturday. I had to call out for work to tend to a family emergency. Grandma is stable, but it’s a day at a time for her. 🥺 I’ve accepted that she’s now 93. I miss the days when she would cook, clean, sew, and do her laundry. She raised all of us and I am forever indebted to her.

I wish I had more time. I’m so busy with school and work. These last few days have allowed me to slow down and really spend quality time together. I will always make the time! 💗

I so want a do over. If only it could be that easy! Just reminiscing a lot lately.

Trying to challenge myself with something, but I’m scared. Fear of failure and rejection is what’s stopping me. 😫 It would be cool to be friends with someone new, but I’m scared. I’m so awkward.

Well, that’s my life update. Not much else to say.

Good night.



Much needed catch up sesh with my college friend, Diana. She’s in town and it’s been so long since we last saw each other! 🫶🏼

Good times and lots of words of encouragement. I’ll try my best! 😆 Just need to continue to be brave.

It was a very long, but productive day for me. Hoping to get plenty of rest. It’s going to be a long week, but I’m looking forward to what it may possibly bring.

I plan to watch the first epi of beef. Woo!

And the Giants beat LA! Shut those bums out. Byeee. 🖤🧡

Good night.