Day 168.

It’s been a meh kind of day, but I’m making progress. I finally bought the Sailor Moon blushes from the Colourpop collab! Thanks for the assist, twin. 💜 She was clutch!

The Giants disappointed me today. 0-2 with the doubleheader. I’m just glad we got the first game. We won’t see LA again this season. Phew. Playoffs or not, it’s been fun to watch this very interesting season.

Animal Crossing update: I bought another piece of art from Redd. Yay! He doesn’t stop by often, but when he does I take advantage of it. I’ll try to clean things up on my island this weekend. I’ve been too distracted with work stuff.

Work stuff: I’m finalizing course descriptions and outlines. I’m planning to stay up a bit to finish everything so I can submit it tomorrow. Trying my best to get back to a routine. It still feels like March tbh.

I napped for a few hours. I needed the rest. I’m still very emo, but I’ll be okay. Whatever this is. 🙃 I don’t know. The pandemic has made it hard to meet new people, but I’m making the effort.

It’s so cold now. I miss the warm weather. Might go for a walk tomorrow. We’ll see. I must also keep in touch with my docs. Eep.

Well it’s time to exercise, play my uke, and eat dinner! Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care.

Good night.


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