Day 163.

It’s been a busy day. Today came and went. The biggest task was building my desk. We’re steps away from completion! Definitely a marathon and a labor of love. Thanks to my sister, Lala, for assisting! 💗

Animal Crossing update: There was another bug-off on my island. I did okay. I just remembered that I didn’t sell the rest of my turnips. So I’m just going to trash them. Man! I missed out on making a profit. Sighhh.

I’ve been tired and just a little moody. Today has been something. I’ve been thinking about a lot. Breathe. Just breathe.

Giants win again! They’re playing really well. 🖤🧡 Yaz has been clutch!!

Hoping tomorrow will be a much better day. I’ve got a lot on my plate, but it’ll all get done.

Thinking of everyone in California who has had to evacuate due to the state fires. Keep safe! 💕

Good night.


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