Day 147.

I took it easy today. I used my resistance bands yesterday and I’m pretty sore. That means it’s working! I’m back to exercising daily which is great. Randomly woke up before 9am because I thought I heard the doorbell. I guess I was dreaming because it didn’t happen. Startled my brother. Whoops. 😅

Animal Crossing update: I finally caught my first scorpion! I donated it to my museum. Blathers was scared, but grateful. I wanna catch more! My island is still at 4 stars. I’ve decided to build another bridge. I also need to clear up the clutter. Still loving the game more than ever!! ☺️

Watched Happy Old Year with the twin. Sunny! He’s one of my favorite Thai actors. I enjoyed the story.

I wanted to be productive today, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m hoping to do more tomorrow. The pandemic has been up and down for me. I miss my family and friends, but it’s best to follow the mandate and continue social distancing. 2020 has been something, but I’ll make the best of it. Posted a throwback photo on IG. I miss going on adventures, but I care about the greater good! Stay safe and healthy, everyone!!!

Chipotle for dinner. Nomzzz. Giants lose again in Colorado. Just watched the news. Back to LA. Go Giants!!! 🖤🧡

That was my Thursday. Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.


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