Day 6.

I was pretty tired today, so I slept in. My sleeping schedule is messed up. I did take care of some important business regarding bills especially my student loans. 🙏🏼 Family and friends checked in on us today too. Everyone is doing well and I hope the same for everyone else.

I watched the news. I like to stay informed. And when I’m not watching TV, I’m on Twitter getting my info.

It was a pretty chill day. I did watch Crazy Beautiful You. Filipino movies always make me laugh. Forevermore was my fave back in the day. Jericho Rosales! ❤️

Dinner was good – Spam, eggs, and rice. Comfort food ftw!

Lastly, I finally watched Doja Cat’s mv for Say So. Super fun and retro! The song is so catchy. And that dude 😍 but he’s supposedly a mystery. Lol.

That was my Wednesday. Until next time.


Early morning thoughts.

Netflix kept me busy these last few hours. I’m still very anxious and stressed. 😩 I’m doing my best to breathe and think rationally.

Some other things on my mind are so trivial, but it mattered to me when I was a teenager. When I was young, I crushed hard. I think I still do that today. Anyway, I think I sought out a lot of validation from others. I was super insecure and I always felt like I wasn’t good enough. So do I revisit that or just let it go? I mean I definitely don’t need closure, but I just thought of this guy. To be young again??? Lol. I don’t know if I’d want to go back. I’m just in my head.

I’m pretty tired and I need to rest, but my mind is awake. Here’s hoping I knock out soon. Thanks for reading. Later!