Whoa, I’m another year older today! πŸ™‚

  1. Last year taught me so much. I’m a stronger person.
  2. The second half of 2017 treated me very well.
  3. Take chances! And even if it doesn’t work out, you tried and that’s all that matters. Effort > everything.
  4. I’m ready for this new year. Bring it!!
  5. We’re going to brunch later. I’m hungry now. Haha.

Good night!



What am I thinking right now?

  1. I really miss Laki. It’ll be a year next month. 😦
  2. I haven’t done wing liner in a long time. My first go at it again yesterday was actually pretty good. I need more practice.
  3. I think I’m getting sick. Scratchy throat. Nooo!
  4. It’s about to get cold again in the SF Bay Area.
  5. Where is the rain?

Well, that’s it.

Good night.



I think I should start doing this. I might have in the past, but I don’t remember.

Anyway, what’s going on in my head? Some thoughts before I sleep.

  1. I’m hungry. I had half a sandwich for dinner, pita chips, chocolate, See’s gummies, and a slice of sourdough with light Brie.
  2. 4 more days and I’ll be another year older.
  3. Shall I start dating? Lolll. I’m not going to put again because that one dude was a complete miss and just doesn’t count. πŸ˜‚
  4. Baseball. So glad it’s back!
  5. I’m charging my camera for brunch. Here’s hoping everything goes as planned.

That’s it for now. Not much else in my head. I am getting sleepy.

Sweet dreams to all!



My week was awesome!!! I hung out with friends, went to Giants Fanfest for the first time in almost a decade (what?!!!), and a second visit to the Color Factory with the sisters.

It was quite busy, but I don’t mind. No rest for the weary. πŸ˜›

Photo credit to Lala for this week’s featured image.

Here’s my fun filled week. Enjoy!

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Jimmy G!

Photo credit: San Francisco 49ers.

We’ve got a quarterback!!! I’m so excited for the new season and what’s to come. 😎

Btw Jimmy, it’s San Francisco and never the shortened version. But you’re the new kid, so all is forgiven. #sf


Happy Friday to all! It’s been a busy day for me, but now it’s time to nap.