Day 421.

Happy Friday!! It’s finally the weekend and I’m so happy. I’ve got a bunch planned. 🙂

  • I slept okay. Hoping to sleep better tonight.
  • I had to go to Walgreens before I got ready for work. We needed Benadryl and I had to buy a new notebook. Success!!
  • Animal Crossing update: turnip prices are terrible. I’m hoping to sell the rest tomorrow. I sent some mail and Redd stopped by. He didn’t have anything new. Darn!
  • Work went well. We spent all day on the roof because of a schedule change. It’s also the final day of Teacher Appreciation Week! I took home some sparkling water and a vanilla it’s-it. 🥲
  • I got to chat with some family via Facebook. That was nice!
  • Had a quick lunch once I got back. Bought some lotto tix and then got ready for the Zoom rosary for our granduncle’s 40th day since his passing. RIP 🤍
  • Played some more ACNH. 😊
  • Watched 20/20. It was so sad. RIP Riley Fox. 😭🙏🏼
  • I’m so ready for bed. I’m looking forward to sleeping in and taking care of chores. Studying too!!

Hope y’all had a nice Friday. Take care!

Have a nice weekend!! Good night. 🧡


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