Day 422.

Happy Saturday!! ☀️ It was a beautiful day.

  • I was able to sleep in. Yay! Those are the best days.
  • Washed dishes and had a great lunch. Leftovers!!!
  • Animal Crossing update: I finally sold my turnips! I ended up selling at Jamie’s island since my prices were at 17 bells. I made her a crescent moon chair. She sent over a dress. I fixed up some of my flowers, hung out with my sisters, and moved Lucky’s home. I’ll be moving Nan’s tomorrow.
  • I went for a walk since we’re out of almond milk. I decided to buy a carton of oatly! It was a stressful walk afterwards, but everything was resolved. I was able to buy some things for Mom, Lola, and my aunts for tomorrow. I always look forward to Mother’s Day! 💗
  • Bianca and I watched Craig David’s concert online. He sang his entire Born To Do It album. Took us back! It was so much fun. Hoping to see him live once he’s back in the States.
  • I fried some more dumplings for our soba noodles. 😋 We also ordered some burgers. I had some candy and ice cream. Gotta mellow out on the sugar.
  • Giants win! We’re doing so well. Go Giants!!!! 🖤🧡🖤🧡
  • Watched SNL at 8:30pm. It was really funny!
  • I’m hoping to study before bed tonight. I’m pretty tired, but I’m determined. I cleared my desk too! I’m so bad at putting clothes away. 😬😂
  • Well, I’m gonna finish tidying up and continue studying.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!!

Good night.


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