Day 254.

Happy Saturday! I’ll be dealing with some pain and discomfort for the next few days. Hint hint! Lol. Glad it’s here now. Thanksgiving will be a breeze. 😎

I stayed up watching Dash & Lily. I’m really enjoying it! I love the main characters and the music. I’m happy it’s the holiday season.

Day 1 of holiday break. I’m taking it easy. I’m nourishing myself. Everything in moderation – especially my hot Cheetos. 🙃 I’m planning to have a slice of pumpkin spice cheesecake. I’m really enjoying sweets at the moment.

Animal Crossing update: I’ve gotta purchase the new looks and reactions with my NMT. I learned how to make a grass skirt today. And I’m real glad I sold my turnips! Btw the new update deters time travel. I only did that a few times. Guilty! It was for Daisy Mae. 💗

I’m hoping to be more productive tomorrow, but no promises. It’s the weekend!!

Sanrio is still my ultimate fave! It’s always stayed with me. I also really adore Sailor Moon and Nintendo. Kawaii things make me happy!

That was my day. Nothing too eventful. Hope everyone is staying safe! Take care. 😷

Good night.


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