Day 208.

Happy Tuesday! 💕

It was a day for me. I didn’t sleep very well because I was dealing with anxiety. I always get pretty anxious for my doctor’s appointments. This one was a bit different since it’s the dermatologist! I rarely go.

Fast forward to 9:45am. We were running a bit late, but I got there in time. Thankful that my aunt can provide me with rides. Anyway, I arrive and there are a few people ahead of me. Once I check in, the receptionist leads me to the back room. This is where the magic happens!

I’ve dealt with skin tags for the last few years. Both were removed today! Huzzah!!! I hope my insurance processes it because 1. They were painful and 2. absolutely necessary for my own well-being since one of them was close to my left eye. I’m wearing a bandage there right now. I’m unable to get it wet for the next 24 hours. I must clean and dry it for the next 2-3 weeks! The doctors were really nice too. Thanks for your help.

Once I got home, I took a very long nap. The lidocaine wore off and I could feel the sting. I didn’t get up until 5ish in the afternoon.

I ate my lunch and then I tuned in online for the livestream of my uncle’s services. His passing was untimely. Makes me sad. Given that we’re still in the middle of the pandemic, I’m unable to attend his funeral. I’ve been praying for him. RIP Tito Rino. 🤍

Had In-N-Out for dinner. Decided to wash the dishes too since I wasn’t super productive today. I plan on studying tomorrow and finally get to my laundry.

I’m still dealing with my emotions and feelings. It’s a rough patch. Ugh! But I’ll make it. I’m strong!! 💜

Lastly, my Animal Crossing update. Must look for a new villager. Al has left my island. More Halloween decor is going up this week! Yeah!!

Take care, everyone!

Good night.


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