Day 206.

Happy Sunday! A new week is upon us. 🙂

My day was okay. I watched a lot of sports – football and the NBA Finals. Niners are 0-2 at home. We lost to the Eagles. WTH?!! Very happy for Miami. They’re trailing 2-1, but Jimmy Butler went off. I hope the next game is just as exciting.

Animal Crossing update: I slept in so I had to time travel to get turnips again. Today is also Goose’s Birthday! Good times.

Hoping for a better week. I know I’ve been saying I hope to be productive. And I will be! I must discipline myself.

Highlight of the day: Happy Lemon. This’ll be the last of my boba fix until the end of the year. I’ve ordered too much too often. 🍋

I’m super excited to see dermatology this Tuesday. I hope they can help me out ASAP!

Well, this is good night. Take care!