Day 143.

Happy Sunday! Here’s to a great week. 🙂

It was a lazy Sunday for me. I had a decent night’s sleep, but I still felt tired. It’s my norm. I did get up to eat lunch and dinner. I napped twice. I did catch the Giants game on the radio before my nap. We were going for the sweep, but I’ll take the series win! Gigantes 🖤🧡

We just made brownies for our Lola. We’ll drop in for a quick visit tomorrow. We miss her! ❤️

I exercised for a bit. It burns, but it’s good. I must build my endurance and stamina again. 💪🏽

Animal Crossing update: I got my turnips in the morning and watched the fireworks before 9pm tonight. It’s so much fun to watch! The villagers love it. You can win bubbles, sparklers, and balloons from Redd’s Raffle. I’m gonna catch it again before midnight.

I’m hoping for a super productive week! There’s so much I need to do, but it’ll all get done.

Take care, everyone!

Good night.


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