Day 109.

Mentally I’m in a weird place. 😢 There’s so much pushing in my life at the moment. I’m still trying to enjoy my time off. I’m aware there’s much to do before the end of the summer, but I need to go at my own pace. It’s like do I need to ask for permission? I’m a grown woman. 😒 I’m dealing with a lot on a daily and weekly basis. I wish people would be more understanding.

I felt the sunshine on my skin today. I was able to bask in it for about 15-20 minutes in the backyard. It was wonderful! The dogs were with us too.

I’d like to go for a walk tomorrow, but I must be super careful. We’ll see how I’m feeling when I wake up.

Animal Crossing update: Paid off part of my loan. Still tidying everything up on my island. Work in progress.

I took a long nap this afternoon. I didn’t wake up until 3.5 hours later. Oh well! That’s how my body copes. I’ll retrain myself to get up at a reasonable time. Until then, it’s Summer and I’d like to milk every second of it.

Going to practice my uke and maybe watch a movie tonight. I’m thinking BlacKkKlansman. I’m currently listening to ABBA. So good.

I’m hoping the rest of the week gets better. I’m excited for the Animal Crossing update on 7/3. We can swim. 🙂

Take care and be safe!

Good night.


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