Day 108.

My headspace has been something these last few days. I’ve been dealing with anxiety, but I feel like it’s slowly turning into depression. It stems from just my own emotional health and the pandemic. Again cases are rising in California. It’s terrifying! I eventually want to start walking again, but I’ll be very cautious. Preparation is key! Phone, keys, wallet, mask, and hand sanitizer will be in tow.

I haven’t had the best day today. I guess my positive would be Animal Crossing. It allows me to take care of my island and socialize with my villagers. I’m admiring the marine life in my museum. Love the screen capture! I miss social gatherings, but it’s just impossible right now.

I got into a spat earlier. Family SMH 😒🤬 It can be so suffocating sometimes. Sigh.

I washed dishes earlier so that’s where all my productivity went. Afterwards I took a long nap.

Now I’m awake and will practice the uke and hopefully eat dinner. Maybe watch The Princess and the Frog. I just want this week to be better.

Hope y’all had a nice Sunday. Happy Pride! 🌈 Take care.

Good night.


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