Day 89.

Watched Two Weeks Notice. Hugh Grant reminded me of his role in Love Actually. Lol. It was an okay movie. I wanted to watch it because of Sandra Bullock. 🙂 She’s one of my favorite actresses.

It’s been an okay day. The days are just moving along. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself these days.

The only productive thing I did was schedule a tech appointment for my echo. I’m due for one. I hope all will be okay.

I’m enjoying my kencko smoothies btw. The fruit ones are really good. I had the yellows one today. It had a hint of cinnamon. Planning to try a new flavor tomorrow.

Played my usual Animal Crossing and uke. Cut some trees down. I don’t know where to group my flowers. I’ll figure that out this week.

We played Trivial Pursuit this evening too. Btw I finally won a round of scene it last night! It was such a good feeling. I was winless for a while. I’m content. 😊

Hope y’all had a nice Tuesday. Take care!

Good night.