Day 344.

Happy Friday! It’s our Birthday Eve. It’ll be midnight in 2.5 hours!! 🤪

  • I’ve been trying to clean and put things away. I’m determined to do it all before bed.
  • I had an early morning: phone call for a Lupus study. It’s been 6 years! The research coordinator was very kind. Loved our convo.
  • Afterwards, I decided to go back to sleep. So I slept for a few more hours.
  • Animal Crossing update: Nan is moving to Mango! I miss Bob already, but I wish him well. 💕 Sold off the rest of my turnips.
  • Highlight of my day: playing my vinyl! I listened to Little Mix’s Confetti and Britney’s debut album. 🥰
  • Another highlight: my boss’s daughter was born on 2/17! He shared pics and she’s so adorable. I can’t wait to meet her. February babies rule!!
  • Part of me is dreading tomorrow, but another part of me is grateful for another year. I’ve always told myself that growing older is a privilege. Thankful for the years and I’m still here! Last year wasn’t what we imagined, but we got through it. I’m hoping this year will be a pleasant surprise! Grateful. 💜
  • Well, I better get back to cleaning. Let’s go!!

Enjoy the weekend! Take care.

Good night.


Day 18.

I slept the day away. I was listening to music in between naps. I’ve been pretty run down. I’m allowing my body to rest. I’m on social media a few hours a day. Trying to disconnect as much as I can.

I’m in the middle of Bridget Jones’s Baby. I like it so far. Planning to finish it before I sleep tonight.

I also listened to Ariana Grande’s first album Yours Truly on vinyl. Finally! I’ve been waiting since I returned from London in January. I kept putting it off because of work and whatnot. Sounds amazing! 🙂

Shelter in place will be extended until May 1st. We can all do this together, but apart. Be safe and well! SF ❤️

I haven’t been feeling the greatest today. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Good night.