Day 149.

I was very productive today! I even got to sleep in. I’m proud of myself. I felt a little discouraged in the beginning, but I can get through this. 🙂

Animal Crossing update: my island is doing alright. Happy Birthday to Bud! 🥳 I stopped by his house a few times to party with him. He’s still dancing and eating cake. Haha. Can’t wait until I can celebrate mine. Won’t be until next year, but should be fun!

Played my uke again. I haven’t picked it up in the last week. I love strumming it.

I decided to put eyeshadow and eyeliner on. It’s been so long. It’s simple, but helps make your eyes pop! 👁 I don’t wear mascara often, but if I must I can’t wear my glasses. It smudges.

Giants get the W in LA! Cueto did really well. Our offense showed up tonight too. 5-4 victory! 🥰🖤🧡

Our cousin is expecting a girl! We’ve got a nephew on the way too next year. So exciting! Can’t wait to spoil them. 😄 I miss our family. Wish we could all be together again.

That was my Saturday. Hoping to take it easy tomorrow, but it’s chore day! Hurrah.

Good night.


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