Day 98.

I’ve been feeling quite tired today. I didn’t accomplish much other than paying for a bill. I decided to sleep after I did that. I slept for a few hours. I just don’t have much energy compared to yesterday. Each day is different.

Animal Crossing update: the store has been moved and I just redid the entrance for it. It’s simple, but now I have some use for a lot of the items I’ve left lying around on the island. Yay! There’s progress. I’m new to the franchise, so I’m learning a lot. I enjoy the DIY recipes. 🙂 I’m still looking for the iron garden chair. I hope I find it soon or one of my villagers gives it to me.

I didn’t get a yoga session in. I just feel depleted. 😞 Hoping for a more productive day tomorrow. That all really depends on how I’m feeling. June is flying and I’m trying to do as much as I can on my list of things to accomplish.

Might watch a movie tonight. I’m in the middle of Kiki’s Delivery Service. I must practice my uke too.

I was updated with work stuff. That’s still on my mind a lot for the upcoming year. I’ll think about that another day. Hope you all had a nice Thursday! Take care.

Good night.


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